Friday, 25 October 2013

Down my road

This world is so filled with wonder,
Sometimes I get trapped swallowed under,
This tide-
What is this life?

I've always travelled down the lonely road,
Less taken, no one but just my lonely soul
It gets cold-
But it's all I know.
Is it?

Far from safe I run for shelter,
But there's no tree to hide under from the rain
I feel it down to my bones
I'm growing old-
It's cold.
But am I afraid?

No, no more,
Am I scared?
I can not be anymore,
This life didn't say it would go smooth-
What have I got to lose?

So I shake off all the rain, let the dust slip off,
Start to walk again,
I'm new-
There's a light shinning bright at the end of this road,
I'm coming closer out of the cold,
I feel alive.

And it's sad that I had to go through the pain,
Sad that a war had to come to gain me strength,
Oh how I hurt from within,
But this pain came to make me stronger now,
Bigger battles I'm yet to face,
I might fall again but I refuse to stay down-

No, not down again.

So down my own road I go,
I'm starting a fire to keep me warm,
A bright light to guide my step,
I refuse to slip and fall again,
The road bends in so many ways,
I don't have to be afraid,
I'm not alone.
He's here with me.
Step by step, I'm getting near,
It will all be fine and clear soon,
I know-

And I won't ever run away again,
Won't let pain stop me now,
Won't let hurt break me down,
I'll be better by what I have overcome
Be still-
My racy heart
Be still-
My beating pulse
Be still-
My crowded mind
The only way we'll get further,
Is if you learn to hear her,
The very you beating in the depths of the noise,
The you that speaks when all else is silent
I'm getting nearer.
Afraid no more.
I'm alive and going,
Down my road.

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