Sunday, 22 September 2013


I find myself giving in to this feeling,
I know I shouldn't but you cut me so deep I'm spinning,
And I try to get hold of me, try to shake it off of me,
But it clings on so strong,
Its all lies, but why do I feel like
They taste better than the bitter truth.

I won't lie to myself anymore,
I'm too old to play at games,
I won't hide from the truth anymore,
There's no hiding place left,

So I'll look at the bottom of this bottle,
Drown all my dreams in it's sorrow,
Cause sometimes, sometimes, I feel,
Life would be much better, at the bottom of a bottle.

No, it's not right,
For sure, it's definitely not okay,
This lie, that a bottles bottom is better than today.

But I feel so numb, the tears, I can't stop them when they come,
Hide my face away, lock away the ones that love me more
Than I love me,

And I feel that sometimes life would be better at the bottom of a bottle,
Lord, take these thoughts away, they cripple me,
I never once looked to the bottom of a bottle,
Oh how life can change,
Lord, help me find my peace before I hit,
The bottom of a bottle.


I lie awake at night, hearing all your lies,
I listen deep inside, afraid of all the lies,
I hear word for word, bit by bit
And I soak myself deeper in this pit,

Cause it would only be easier if I had not been bit,
Only be easier if you and I had never met,

Stop, stop, these sounds in my mind,
Stop them from pounding at my head,
Stop! Stop right now, I'm not sure if I'm alive or left for dead,
Just stop,
Cause your lies, they wreck my head.

I lay asleep in the day, letting life go by,
I hear the tears that I've cried, screeching past my cheeks,
I let the words come out without a single piece of thought,
I drown deeper in the pool of tears you left on my face,

Cause it would only be easier if you and I had never met,
Only be easier if I had not been bit,

Stop, stop from walking all over my pride,
Stop, stop from filling my head with lies,
Stop, this madness deep down in my mind,
Stop, cause I don't think I can go on with these lies.

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