Friday, 28 August 2015


Here I sit waiting for you,
Here I've sat all this month through.
Down to the last few days.

They said you'd come,
But I haven't seen a sign yet.

Yet here I sit waiting on you.

I wonder what you look like,
Your eyes, your smile.
I wonder what you feel like,
Your hands, your hair.

But here I am waiting on you.

He has sandy hair and bright eyes,
His height is just right,
And he's even polite!

But I doubt he is you.
You see, he is with someone else.
They never said you'd come attached.

So here I am waiting for you.

He was nice and polite,
Smart and alright.
Educated in his speech.
But I don't know if he is you.

So here I sit waiting on you.

You don't keep time,
Perhaps you just have perfect timing.
I'll know if you show before the clock hits midnight on the thirty first of this month.

Here I am.

I am not perfect,
But I am waiting.
I am not the most beautiful,
But my soul is an amazing never ending garden.
I am not a model,
But I am an inspiration.

Here I am waiting for you.

It's getting late now.
The month is almost out of days.
I'm getting weary.
My heart is wide open.
I'm ready to be revealing
With my emotions I guard so well.
I'm ready to drop these defenses.

But I'm still waiting.

So I sit.
Writing to you.
I know that one day this one dream shall come true.

Till then my love,
I know one thing is true,
You have horrible timing,
That's sucks, but don't worry,
I'm still here waiting.
Waiting for you.

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