Tuesday, 6 November 2012

When you give your heart to someone

You're asking them to treat you like they would themselves.
To always protect you, even from themselves, at their worst.
You're asking them to love you, uplift you.
To be honest without being mean,
To be true even when it hurts
But never to hurt on purpose.

You're asking them to treat you as an equal,
To put aside their ego, their macho
To view you as an equal partner.
One that has an opinion, a voice, a choice.
One that is respected and one that matters.

You're asking for an unspoken, mutual understanding,
That come what may, 
There will never be a day when that person decides 
To intentionally, willingly, 
Crush everything you gave to them, when you chose to give them your heart.

And when they do choose to hurt with intent,
And you choose to not allow yourself to suffer,
You choose to leave for the better
And they ask you, "Why?"
Start to care then, seem to hurt themselves,
How do you explain to them,
That they are just about to begin,
Feeling exactly the way you have been feeling
When they intentionally hurt you?

I guess that's when they understand, 
That even when one chooses to love,
They can still leave.
And that's when they realize,
Exactly what they wanted,
When they chose to hurt the one,
That chose to give their heart to them.

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