Friday, 26 February 2016

Sometimes, foolishly

Sometimes I think,
The moon must have fallen on me.
For the shadows are so thick I can't see beyond me.
Sometimes I think,
The stars don't shine on me,
For every missed moment seems taken too abrupt.
Sometimes I think,
Only another fool could love me.
For this foolish mind and heart surely can't be loved by another.

Sometimes I know, I'm not good enough,
Not open enough,
Strong enough,
Talking enough,
Doing enough.

Sometimes I wonder, why does anyone choose to look?

Sometimes I think the world will never see,
Just how far my heart can beat,
All these hopes I hold so deep,
A vast world I could fill,
If only I let my soul be seen.

But I hide it all in.
Take the emotions and pack them in.
Further and further until they can't be seen.

Sometimes I think the fool is awake deep within me.

Because only a fool would hide form love,
Only a fool would hide from truth,
Only a fool would be silent and still
When freedom knocks and asks,
"Please let me in".

Sometimes I think the sun burned me deep,
Scorched everything.

Sometimes I wonder, what fool would love a fool like me?

It's Hard

It's hard for me sometimes,
To act like your expectation.

I have a tendency to speed things up,
Move too quickly,
Start something before its time.

It's hard for me to sit and wait,
Just be.
Wait for you.

To say something,
Ask something,
To make that phone call.

I guess what I'm saying is,
It's hard for me to be passive.
To not be direct,
To not do.

It's not just hard,

It's really hard.

So I'm here waiting,
Maybe even wishing.

But till you do,
I'll sit here waiting on you.

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