Sunday, 26 February 2017

Beneath the Imperfection

Sometimes, I need to remove my glasses to think,
For some reason, everything becomes slightly more clearer.

Today more than ever, I felt like a conversation was due.

I humbled myself, closed my eyes and my soul spoke.

She knows it all, you know.

I knew what she was saying, I just never articulated it so perfectly.

So, as I held my head in my hands,
I heard the answers,
Slid my glasses off and listened.

When did I arrive at this place?
Who is this person?

I was always fearless, jumping then looking for safety.

When did I get so guarded and scared?
So afraid?
When did I let fear become a friend?

Who is she?
My soul seemed to ask.

I haven't touched this page in months.
Haven't read through it till now.
There are stories bursting at their seams inside my heart,
They are asking me to release them.

I am ready.

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