Saturday, 25 February 2012

It's funny how the most natural habits, traits, we have,
Come across as overbearing and annoying to those we love.

I'd do anything for love, because love is worth it,
But my trys, sometimes, come off as too much,
Smothering, suffocating, and to my own horror,

If I say it, it's only cause I feel it,
Like I said before,
For Love, I'd do anything.

I'd look a fool,
I'd change my life,
I'd go to the highest of hills,
The lowest of valleys,
If love asked me to.

But what am I to do,
When those I love misunderstand my trys,
My emotions, my reasons?

Love never told me I must,
But I know without Love,
I am powerless.

So get mad all you want,
Say what you feel,
Come on,
Let it out, let it out,
I'm sorry if I hurt you.

But know this,
For Love,
I'll fight with all I have,
Because that's all I am,
A believer in Love.

And if that is annoying and overbearing,
I'm sorry you feel that way,
But in so many ways,
I Love how I love.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


It will cut you up inside,
Tell your heart a million lies,
Let the worst come out,
Steal the true meaning of life.
It will tell you you're not good enough,
Make you believe you're meant for nothing,
Tear down you truths, promises, gifts
And make you believe you're worth nothing.

It's anger will rot your goodness,
It's pain will hurt your abilities,
It's lies will drown out your strength

And if you allow it,
It will destroy the love you have around you.

Yet in all its rage, it reminds us of one thing,
We have the power to stop it, to over-rule it,
To banish it, send it away,
Get rid of it
We owe it to ourselves.

Without it, we are better than any lie,
Greater than any failure,
Stronger than any fall,
Bigger than it's consuming ways.


I lost my inspiration, somewhere between
getting there and success,
sometimes I feel like such a mess.

Don't even ask about a passion,
I have no re-collection of what consists
of my own happiness, I lost me
when i gave up on those dreams

Sorry to say, this life has its ways,
of letting you down when you're climbing up,
of letting you fall when you're so high up,

I should know now, it's all my fault,
but where to begin when I'm so far gone?
I need to


Breathing isn't easy, when everyone's on 9
and I'm stuck on 1, why did they leave me alone?
why did I let them go on?

This life of sacrifice, has cost me more than I
bargained for, I let go of me, to help you,
but blaming anyone is just a lie,
so I live with yesterdays and dreams,
but I have no will it seems

So I lost my inspiration, have plenty imagination,
passion seems to flow out of the open door,
have plenty of love, lots to give away,
but non for my own self,
it would seem that caring for someone else,
took away the love I had left, just for me.

I just need to be free,
I just need to let go of this,
I just need to just


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love flowed out of a river bigger than any I had ever seen.

It flowed from the top of the highest hill.

Down to the lowest valley.

To the end of every corner.

To the beginning of everything.

Love came down,

And washed me clean.

Petals Falling......

Life is funny,
The way I live, life is interesting.
Sometimes, it's mute and still,
Quiet and calm,
Passing like a calm breeze.

Other times, it's fast and active,
Entertaining and crazy,
Unexpected and fulfilling.

To think of it, it's like petals falling,
Off a superbly beautifully normal flower,
Budding all the time, never really revealing its essence,
Just letting its petals fall,
One by one,
Maybe even, two at a time.

Like beautiful delicate petals,
Each with their own tale,
Filled with their own emotion,

Like beautiful petals falling,
To reveal more life,
Than I ever thought imaginable.

What the real flower looks like,
Maybe I will never know,
Or maybe I already do.
Either way,
I love each petal that has and will fall.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Define yourself in a handful of words,
Are you quick, precise and content with your handful
Or are you struggling to define who you are, what you are.

Are you strong and driven?
Tough and motivated?
Quiet and resilient?

Do your achievements define you
Or do you define yourself in your relationships with others?

It's never easy, knowing, all the time, exactly
Who you are meant to be.
Who you like being, aspire to be.
Except for the lucky few, who were born into their definitions
And loved them ever since they could remember.

So, what defines you?
What is your definition, is there only one
Or countless definitions you can lay out with pride?

Whatever your definition may or may not be,
Let it be something so true to yourself,
That nothing can break it, re-shape it or change it.
Let it be re-energised, re-strengthened, uplifted,
Made better everytime.

Define who you are, wherever you are
Define yourself.

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