Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Promise

Inspired by Coldplay- Fix You

"Light's will guide you home, and ignite your bones and I will try (I promise, every time) to fix YOU."

When the world seems like the darkest place you've ever known,
When life isn't the way it's supposed to be,
When what you hoped for didn't arrive,
When you get to the wall and need a door but there is non,

I promise, every time, I'll be there.
To shine a light in the darkness,
To help you make your dreams come true,
To make sure, you get to where you need to go
And to build doors where there isn't any and to break down doors that won't open.

If it ever gets too quiet, tiredness in your heart,
An ache in your soul, time that has been lost,
Things you will never get back, no matter how hard you try.
If the promises made are now gone, broken, non-existent,
If you've filled enough cups with sorrow, looking for a break through

I promise, every single time,
When I myself am weary, when I myself need a light,
I will be there, don't ever doubt it.
To speak away the silence, re-light your fires,
Soften the ache, take away the sorrow,
Give you a promise.

The one, I know I can keep, all the time,
No matter where I am, what I am, who I am, at that moment,
I will be there to bring you home,
To fix every last piece,
I promise.

I will always try to fix you.


  1. Fix You is one of my fave cold Play songs. I love love it.

  2. just been so relevant of late. thank you for checking out my post.


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