Sunday, 26 February 2017

Beneath the Imperfection

Sometimes, I need to remove my glasses to think,
For some reason, everything becomes slightly more clearer.

Today more than ever, I felt like a conversation was due.

I humbled myself, closed my eyes and my soul spoke.

She knows it all, you know.

I knew what she was saying, I just never articulated it so perfectly.

So, as I held my head in my hands,
I heard the answers,
Slid my glasses off and listened.

When did I arrive at this place?
Who is this person?

I was always fearless, jumping then looking for safety.

When did I get so guarded and scared?
So afraid?
When did I let fear become a friend?

Who is she?
My soul seemed to ask.

I haven't touched this page in months.
Haven't read through it till now.
There are stories bursting at their seams inside my heart,
They are asking me to release them.

I am ready.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Glass World

I thought I meant more to you,
I thought I'd share everything with you,
I thought between us,
We had a bond so strong.

But I guess I was wrong.

Now I understand exactly where I fit in.

Now I know I thought you as a world,
You thought me as a speck.

That's what happens when you lie to yourself
That's what happens when you fool yourself.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I quarreled with God

I quarreled with God last night,
Not because I wanted to, but because I had no other way,
My voice found its tone,
My tears found their release
And my bitterness found an out-

I let Him know how I felt,
Not like He doesn't know,
Not like He doesn't care,
But like He doesn't show he does.

I know, I know,
I am wrong.

I know, I should know better.

I know.

But you see, I was hurting.
So much and oh so bitter.

My spirit let it out,
My soul had been carrying it and suddenly it didn't have to anymore,
So I opened my ....... not my heart....
Not my mind.......
My inner me, the one that hides all my secrets, emotions, feelings, thoughts

I quarreled over fits of tears and stutters
I cried out to Him in pain, anger, disgust,
All of me hated all I was, in that moment
So I let Him know,
I hate everything I am.

How dreadful, how painful, how horrible.
Why so much hatred for who I am?

I quarreled and asked Him, why He made me as I am

I quarreled with God last night and I am so ashamed.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Wrap me in coals,
Of burning desire,
Soothe me with your soul,
Keep taking me higher.

Kiss my lips,
Burn on them your flavour,
Taste my skin,
Leave me branded,

If I do wake in the morning,
If I do see the light of sun,
I know my world is changed forever,
 I'm a reflection of your love.

Blow at the embers,
Rouse me to burn
Re-light all my fires,
Let them burn bright

Breathe into my skin,
Christen me new,
Let me burn bright,
Desire for you

If I do wake in the morning,
If I do see the light of sun,
I know my world is changed forever,
I'm a reflection of your love

Engulf me in your fire,
I crave your touch,
Consume me with desire,
I'm burning bright.

And if I do see the light,
If my heart beats again,
If I do taste tomorrow,
I'd love to taste it from your lips.

Let it burn,
Deep on my tongue,
Let me breathe in the flames,
Consume me in your burning fire,

I've come undone,
No longer the same,
I'm burning light
From your fire.


The song is playing in my head now.

But this isn't a post about wild romance.

This is a post about marriage.

Well, the anticipation of it.

My colleague is getting married, he is a forty something year old stuck in his ways slightly mean spirited man who makes it hard to imagine harmony prevailing in his home.
He seems to be highly dominative and I shudder to think that if the woman he has chosen to marry is meek and has no back bone, she will be reduced to whatever ideal he has of a wife in his head.

He paces A LOT when he talks on the phone and it kind of irritates myself and my colleagues as he chooses to use our space loudly, objecting to the other person on the end of the line instead of using his office.

That made me realize, when you marry someone, you're marrying their everything.

Those little annoying habits that may at first seem cute but on a bad day when you've failed to agree or agree to disagree on a matter that is pulling at your emotional clogger, those habits will be annoying and frustrating.

Those little quirks you have will stand out to them like a thick red sore thumb and they'll maybe, probably, want to knock it down because, for goodness sake can you stop pacing that damn floor!

So, marriage, dare I say it not even being engaged in the throws of it yet, is a bag of everything all at once suddenly.
Marry me and marry my countless books collection, my endless music collection, my quirky family, my vibrating alarms at an obscene hour and my love for funny memes and gifs.
Marry my aloofness, my cold hearted bitchy ways and my indifference where even if I care with every ounce of my beating heart, I will make it seem like I hate the ground you walk on.

Because, this is reality.

You spend a hefty amount of money on a day that leads to a lifetime of spending even more money on bills, taxes, children, health, food, clothing, luxuries, family trips e.t.c.
It gets harder if you chose to remain two separate entities, two individuals joined together by a band on your finger.

Choose wisely.

Cause the right person will see those quirks on your worst days as a couple and maybe hope you tripped and fell and thus stopped your annoying pacing but, then they'll think of how much you mean to them and they'll stop and ignore the annoying pacing and focus on sorting the problem because they chose you for who you showed them you are.

Only in my wildest dreams will I ever marry someone that caters to everything my heart desires and everything I want.

Only there.

In reality, perhaps my colleague's soon to be wife loves the pacing, maybe it keeps him calm while she's calculating her next move.
Maybe it gives them both some time for them to figure things out in their minds before they provide possible solutions.

Wildest dreams are, after all, just that, wild dreams that may or may not come to life.

And if they do, on a Monday when the kids are late to get out of the house, the traffic is never ending, little Johnny has dropped juice on his white school short, Lisa is mad because she can't go on that date and Tommy's marks are on a constant slope, when the bills are piling up and the taxes have to be done, when you barely spoke in the morning because, 'all I bloody asked for was you to take out the damn trash", that's when reality begs the question, "Would you change anything?"

I hope, my married friends, your answer all the time is no.

No, I would not.

Because amidst the chaos and the tantrums and the bills and the taxes, there is a love that is stronger than any challenge and as long as we are together, I know we shall be alright.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


And those of us with fractured hearts that we allow those we love to break every other day will sleep in a sea of tears abound a bed of a fragile heart knowing that when we wake we are stronger than the bricks that hurl to break.

I love you so deeply you will never see it because you choose to look at my flaws with a magnifying glass that the beauty of the love I have is diminished by your incessant need to pick at my imperfection.

But the truth is, I love me so deeply there will never come a day this fractured heart doesn't beat to remind me, " You are worthy, you are carved in love, you are love, you are, you are, you are"

And that may just be enough.


I've been held down so many times.

My reactions are often not what are expected and met with a harsh reaction.

Be quiet, is what comes to mind.

Don't think.

Think this, not that.

Say this, not that.


Found myself screaming internally last night to myself.


I've fought too much to the point where emotionally, I am spent.

Mentally, I am no longer up for the fight.

Spiritually, I shall never not fight.