Monday, 6 February 2012


Define yourself in a handful of words,
Are you quick, precise and content with your handful
Or are you struggling to define who you are, what you are.

Are you strong and driven?
Tough and motivated?
Quiet and resilient?

Do your achievements define you
Or do you define yourself in your relationships with others?

It's never easy, knowing, all the time, exactly
Who you are meant to be.
Who you like being, aspire to be.
Except for the lucky few, who were born into their definitions
And loved them ever since they could remember.

So, what defines you?
What is your definition, is there only one
Or countless definitions you can lay out with pride?

Whatever your definition may or may not be,
Let it be something so true to yourself,
That nothing can break it, re-shape it or change it.
Let it be re-energised, re-strengthened, uplifted,
Made better everytime.

Define who you are, wherever you are
Define yourself.


  1. Quiet and resilient. I am one of those who struggle with defining themselves and I don't let myself be defined by others.


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