Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dedicated To Love Part 2

(Lately, the songs, have just been coming to me,
Through my own experiences with those I love,
Through the lives of those I love.
And again, I dedicate this, to love.)

On those cold nights, after a long day,
When the lights go off and the night is still,
When you think of life, think of all you've been,
Would you give it up?
Would you try again?

Is it what you want? All you've,
Ever needed?
Is it sweet and true? Or painful and old?

And if you had a chance, just for one day,
Would you trade it all in and take a sunny day instead?
No mistakes, no worries, no tears,
No passing years, leaving you empty,
No hurt or pain, just joy and gain,
No losses, no fails.

Love never promised anyone it'd be easy,
Love didn't say you'd never have to fight for that feeling,
Love never lied, to anyone at anytime,
Love gave you a choice.

So on those cold nights, after a long day,
When the lights go out, find that stillness in your heart,
When you're thinking of all you've been,
All you've seen
Don't you dare give it up, don't you trade it in.

Try again,
I know it's more than you'd ever thought,
The load gets heavy sometimes,
But it's the road you have to walk,
Pain builds you up,
The old helps you love the new
And everything sweet and true.

And if you had the chance, just for one day,
Smile at the rain,
These mistakes stand for you to gain,
These tears will ease your pain,
The years have taught you so much
And when you're on your last hour before the lights go off
Dedicate it all to love.


It's cold outside and the day's been long,
She's so weary.

The months roll by and the time goes fast,
He's so tired.

They were lights in the dark for each others sake
But now that light is dim.

Where do they go?
Can they begin again?
What is this pain they feel when they search and find,
The light's just not there?

They go on each day just trying to find,
A glimmer of what they had.

The nights are cold, the days are long but,
There's no shelter from any storm,
Cause it's gone,
All gone.

Gone with the pain of every other heartache,
Every other mistake,
Every other turn life had to make.

It's a cold night,
She's feeling weary,
It's been a long long day,
He's so tired,
She wraps her arms, around their love,
Somewhere between today, tomorrow and yesterday,
The light will shine.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Let's touch the moon tonight.
In the dark, in the stillness of the clouds,
As the stars shine bright,
Let's touch the moon light.

With our hearts, with our hands,
With our bodies, with our lives,
Let's dance by their light
And touch the moon tonight.

If it rains, if it's cloudy,
If it's cold and dreary,
Let's touch the moon with the rain in our eyes,
The cold on our hands
And the song in our hearts
Let's touch the moon tonight.

Burning bright,
Brighter than the sun tonight,
Brighter than any night,
Let's get to the moon,
It's so beautiful tonight.

Monday, 17 October 2011

It's like looking through a mirror to your soul.
That moment, when you're all alone.
When the night is still, the birds asleep,
When all you can hear is your heart beat.

I never saw it then, but I recall it now.
It was still against the raging winds of your mind,
A being unlike any you had ever seen,
It was so unreal, you never saw it,
Until now.

When you felt a million things, weighing you down.
Hurting your soul, threatening your light.
When you looked for a hand to hold,
You never saw it, until now.

There she was, by your side.
Through the night, through the day.
Through the calm, through the rage.
There she was,
Silent, peaceful, quiet creature,
Smiling and making it all disappear,
When you reached out for a hand,
It's hers you found,

Like looking through a mirror,
To your soul.


As I lay myself down, I can feel the change,
Bathed in the moon light, I can feel the presence,
I let my palms open, I need this openess,
The words tumble out, one after the other,
Quickly, quietly, calmly,
In delicate whispers only for my ears.

The silent tears roll down my face,
Catch on my ears warm and gentle,
I am calm, peaceful even as I let it all out,
I am so close, so covered, almost embraced,
Here, In This Moment,
I am closest to God.

My voice rings in my ears,
I long to know what I may not,
Long to understand what I can not,
Long to solve the mysteries of this life,
To tell myself, all will be alright,
To hear it from the Lord,
Here, In This Moment.

The moon is bright,
The land is calm,
My heart once heavy,
Now light,
Here, In This Moment,
The weight that was weighing me down,
The thoughts that I felt I could not turn around,
The pain of a woman's world,
Is lifted,
Taken, Gone.

I open my eyes,
The words have stopped,
I could dance by the light of the moon,
But I know that I will never have it again,
That Moment.

Friday, 14 October 2011

I need it.

I don't want you to take it,
It's a means to an end for me,
I need it,
And if you take it,
I will be short by more than alot
And I can not have that.

I know you need it,
And any other time I would give it,
Freely, care free, here, have it!
But not today!
Not now,
When I too need it.

I don't want to be selfish,
But I have to be.
Because I need it!
You can not have it.

And if I give it,
When I am in need of it,
Will you give it back?
Will you say, here, take it!
Or will I find,
I am short by alot!

I need it,
But you can have it,
But then again,
I really need it,
You just can not have it.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One Tree Hill Season 6 Finale Poem.

"Take a look at yourself in the mirror,
Who do you see looking back?
Is it the person you want to be?
Or is there someone else you were meant to be? The person you fell short of?

Is someone telling you that you can't or you won't?
Because you can.

Believe that LOVE is out there.

Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.

Sometimes happiness doesn't come from money, or fame, or power.

Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family and from the quiet nobility of living a good life.

Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.
Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.

So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy.

Because you deserve it, believe that.

And believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do."

From One Tree Hill Season 6 Finale.

Monday, 10 October 2011


Love is so vast, it can surprise you, just when you think you know it,
It unfolds a whole other layer!

If I could put my hands around the world, I doubt I'd even grasp it,
It's way wider than I thought,

Love is incredible. It truly is the one emotion, one living reality that just keeps growing.


Where Life Could Go

Just for today, let imagaination take you there,
To that place you never saw yourself,
That place where others are, others have been and others are going,
That place you never want to be.

Where life would go.

I f you did not have the life you live,
The people you love, the people that love you.

Where would you be?
If you were dealt an unkind hand,
If the life you lived were the life you could never imagine,
If happiness was not an option,
Choices were not yours and decision, not a right,
Where would you be?

Just this moment, let imagination take you there,
Where you'd dread to be, what ever it may be,

Can you see it?

Where life could go.

Just for today,
If for this one moment,
That that life, the one you'd hate to have,
Exists for someone else

And they live it everyday.

In silence, in pain, in screams only they can hear.

So let go of that thought,
Come back to you, now, here,
And think of all you have.

Does it make you feel better?
Knowing where you are and where you could be?
Do your dreams make you feel happy?
Does here and now make you feel...


You can take a look at the other grass,
Think it's much greener?
Maybe you'd like to live there?

Take a look at you and ask yourself,
"If i didn't have what I have, if I didn't know what i know
If tomorrow were to change, would I miss what I have today?"

Remember, for what life is,
There is always
Where Life Could Go.


If the sun could get any brighter,you know it would.
If the moon could move much closer, you know it would.
If the mountains could rise higher, the seas roar louder,
the days go faster, the grass grow greener,
you know it would.

If for one second, nature could react to this feeling,
To this moment,
To this love,
Through this life,
you know that

The world would be an amazing unimaginable place.

Monday, 3 October 2011

TO THE SUN, not the clouds

I always thought the world was full of flowers,
Bright sun, calm oceans, gentle breezes,
It was always like a fairytale to me,
I was and still am an incurable romantic you see!

To me, love spoke through everything,
Was threatened by nothing and if I were a book,
A kids' book, Cinderella would have nothing on me!

Then I met the real world,
The one that said "no" to everything I dreamt,
The one that proved love is at times, fleeting,
The one that reminded me that goodbyes happen,
When we least expect,
The one that said "you can't" when i thought i could.

So many times, I have chosen to look to the clouds,
Their darkness reflected my moods,
Their menacing folds reflected my pain, anger, rage
So many times,
I refused to see the sun.

When it was there, right there,
Telling me "you can,
Letting me know "you will"
Breathing new life into my sails,
A guiding light,
Only and only if, I chose to look to the sun.

No one ever told me this world is full of fight,
I would have to put up a good one to match its might,
I just realised how much i have fought before,
How much I will still have to fight,
How much I am willing to fight,
So much fight!

So today, in words I never expected to read or hear,
Today, in a moment when the clouds were once again, drawing near,
I decided to choose the warm bright, burning sun.

To feel a wave of positivity wash over me,
Drench me,
Embrace me,
Direct me.

Today, for now till the end
Even when life blows towards me its clouds,
I will always and forever,
Look to the SUN.

Inspired by.....

Sometimes, you just  need a good friend to give you a metaphorical slap up the head! thanks miss Shanahfield!

The next post was inspired by your blog post!

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