Monday, 3 October 2011

TO THE SUN, not the clouds

I always thought the world was full of flowers,
Bright sun, calm oceans, gentle breezes,
It was always like a fairytale to me,
I was and still am an incurable romantic you see!

To me, love spoke through everything,
Was threatened by nothing and if I were a book,
A kids' book, Cinderella would have nothing on me!

Then I met the real world,
The one that said "no" to everything I dreamt,
The one that proved love is at times, fleeting,
The one that reminded me that goodbyes happen,
When we least expect,
The one that said "you can't" when i thought i could.

So many times, I have chosen to look to the clouds,
Their darkness reflected my moods,
Their menacing folds reflected my pain, anger, rage
So many times,
I refused to see the sun.

When it was there, right there,
Telling me "you can,
Letting me know "you will"
Breathing new life into my sails,
A guiding light,
Only and only if, I chose to look to the sun.

No one ever told me this world is full of fight,
I would have to put up a good one to match its might,
I just realised how much i have fought before,
How much I will still have to fight,
How much I am willing to fight,
So much fight!

So today, in words I never expected to read or hear,
Today, in a moment when the clouds were once again, drawing near,
I decided to choose the warm bright, burning sun.

To feel a wave of positivity wash over me,
Drench me,
Embrace me,
Direct me.

Today, for now till the end
Even when life blows towards me its clouds,
I will always and forever,
Look to the SUN.

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  1. We always have to fight for what we want most. Fighting is one of the things we shouldn't give up on unless when we realize that what we are fighting for isn't worth it.


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