Monday, 10 October 2011

Where Life Could Go

Just for today, let imagaination take you there,
To that place you never saw yourself,
That place where others are, others have been and others are going,
That place you never want to be.

Where life would go.

I f you did not have the life you live,
The people you love, the people that love you.

Where would you be?
If you were dealt an unkind hand,
If the life you lived were the life you could never imagine,
If happiness was not an option,
Choices were not yours and decision, not a right,
Where would you be?

Just this moment, let imagination take you there,
Where you'd dread to be, what ever it may be,

Can you see it?

Where life could go.

Just for today,
If for this one moment,
That that life, the one you'd hate to have,
Exists for someone else

And they live it everyday.

In silence, in pain, in screams only they can hear.

So let go of that thought,
Come back to you, now, here,
And think of all you have.

Does it make you feel better?
Knowing where you are and where you could be?
Do your dreams make you feel happy?
Does here and now make you feel...


You can take a look at the other grass,
Think it's much greener?
Maybe you'd like to live there?

Take a look at you and ask yourself,
"If i didn't have what I have, if I didn't know what i know
If tomorrow were to change, would I miss what I have today?"

Remember, for what life is,
There is always
Where Life Could Go.

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