Friday, 11 January 2013

Sometimes, Love.

Sometimes I start to feel of all I think,
It gets so heavy, wears me down
And I start to wonder "Why?"

Why do I care so much?
Why even when I am last on the list,
Do I make you 1?

Why when I reach out and you shut me out
do I still wait?

Then I remember,
I can never understand Love.
It is what it is.

I can never know Love enough,
To know why I still care
Enough to write, to worry, to think,
To feel.
Even when you are nowhere near to feeling what I feel.

Love is, a mystery that I can never solve.
A feeling that I know too well
And yet sometimes, never know.
Love is what it is
And if I am here, standing, waiting,
On Love,
Then I can't be wrong.
Because only Love can keep me this strong.

Monday, 7 January 2013

A World, at PEACE

I dream of a world at peace.

Where living is free for all to do.
No worries of the evil that may snatch it away.

I dream of a world of equality.

Where women and children can roam free,
Without fear of the horrible nature of humanity
Taking away innocence, life, hope,faith.
That which is one's own to give, not to be taken.

I dream of a world where human rights will fight for those that are deprived,
Not for the criminals that they claim also have rights,
Didn't their victims have those too?

I dream for a world rid of war.

Where mothers don't have to watch their sons go off to die,
In the name of freedom,
Which never comes.

I dream of a world at peace.

Where life is cherished for what it is,
Where children are free to roam the streets and play,
Parents aren't afraid,
Women can walk alone, live alone,
Without fear of being attacked,
Men can make honest livings,
Without fearing for their lives.

I dream of a world rid of disease, illness, viruses.
Free of cancer.
Free of pain.
Free of suffering,
Of things we can not explain, but we can only feel.

I dream of a wolrd where humanity cherishes itself.

I dream of a world at PEACE.

I Know

When I ask how you are,
When you say how you are,
When you  go on and on
When you don't ask how I am,
After an hour, two, three,
I know,
I am not your priority.
I know.

I know.

Found Me At The Wrong Time

I'm sorry to tell you this,
Sorry to have you feel like this,
I thought I was ready but I guess I'm not,
I thought I could forget but I just can not
And if this is love,
You found me at the wrong time.

When my heart is still healing,
From all those falls it shouldn't have been taking,
When my mind is still reeling,
From all the lies I've been told,
When I decided to just be with me,
Found me at the wrong time.

Now I do believe in you,
You're somehow better than what I'm used to,
But even then, the lies cut through the truth,
Trust is not easy,
After all these lies,
After falling so hard I didn't even wince when I,
Hit the ground.

So I'm sorry to waste your time,
My heart's not mended yet,
So, it's all mine
Nothing to do with you at all,
And so you,
Found me at the wrong time.

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