Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Petals Falling......

Life is funny,
The way I live, life is interesting.
Sometimes, it's mute and still,
Quiet and calm,
Passing like a calm breeze.

Other times, it's fast and active,
Entertaining and crazy,
Unexpected and fulfilling.

To think of it, it's like petals falling,
Off a superbly beautifully normal flower,
Budding all the time, never really revealing its essence,
Just letting its petals fall,
One by one,
Maybe even, two at a time.

Like beautiful delicate petals,
Each with their own tale,
Filled with their own emotion,

Like beautiful petals falling,
To reveal more life,
Than I ever thought imaginable.

What the real flower looks like,
Maybe I will never know,
Or maybe I already do.
Either way,
I love each petal that has and will fall.

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