Saturday, 15 April 2017


Darling, you are beautiful and smart.
No one can deny that.
You can do so much better, this is juat a pitstop a long the way.
Beauty he dislikes you because you don't want anything to do with him,
Know this, you're a better woman because of this.
This man is wretched, abusive, a user of women,
He'll try to break you,
Becky, hold still.
Becky, be firm,
Do not let your guard down.
He may think his authority earns him a pass into every woman's haven,
Let's proove him wrong.
Becky, stand firm, stand tall,
Keep saying no.
Becky, I want to fight for you but you are scared,
An abusive relationship is the same regardless of the stand,
No woman deserves to be mistreated even in another man's land,
Becky, this woman, won't let you stand alone.
Becky, I know you are scared, I know I do not understand,
But I shall fight for you and take a stand.
Becky, I once was you,
Until a strong man told me I did not have to be.
Since then, I have stood bold and strong.
Becky, let me help you.
We are women,
We are strong,
We aren't meant to sit in abuse.
We shall get through this,
We shall win.

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