Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I think the definition of wealth needs to change.

For so long I have been told and have understood that wealth is all about your bank account, your wallet, your professional title. You are not wealthy if you do not have that good job, with that good wallet and that good bank balance.

I think my whole family is allergic to saving, just a side note.

So recently, sitting with my job that was tormenting me day and night looking at my bank balance wondering why the number never seems to stay above a certain amount, I have tried God knows, but let's not forget the allergy I mentioned above.

I realised, I have been taught the wrong definition of wealth. It has nothing to do with money. Nothing to do with success and nothing to do with happiness.

Wealth, what I believe, my new definition is; how healthy you are, how happy you are and how at peace of mind you are because that all determines the quality of life you have and if that quality is not good, then you are nowhere to wealthy.

I have never been so unhappy to get up and got to work, to face another nine hours at a place with little to offer besides a salary, Never had I asked myself over and over again, "why? why? why?" every single day of my life.

This made me question my morals, my life, my dreams, my goals, my desires, my thought process my whole life. I did not like where I was and how I was. Desperately in need for a break, tired all the time, often unhappy and cursing each day.

Negative, negative,negative.

What was I thinking? I was really on the brink of a career meltdown.

Then I hit a wall, a medical wall, that saw me entering the theatre days after learning about my condition, shocking, striking, a punch in the face out of nowhere.

I thought, I was chasing wealth, I realised I was running away from my happiness, my health, my peace of mind. I was emotionally, spiritually and peacefully broke. I had nothing but unhappiness, negativity and no will to get up in the morning.

I was nowhere near wealth at all.

Thus the change in definition.

Wealth; peace of mind, state of happiness, good health, self love.

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