Saturday, 15 April 2017


I am staring at the blank page of my document,
I have so many things to write.

Stories, the poems seem to be a bit quieter these days,
But, I am hesitant.

Should I write what I feel?
What I know?
What I imagine?

What do I feel?
Many things, all at once, all at the same time.

What do I know?
My life, I suppose.

What do I imagine?
Too much all at once.

So, I hesitate.

I have never been good at having a first draft, writing it down then reading it all over again, then changing and writing,
Draft upon countless draft.
That's not me.

But, how will I know if it's good?
Cause, your soul will smile when you've written it out.


It grips my typing hand every time I take to the keyboard.

Let it go,
My creativity whispers,
What's the worst that could happen?


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