Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I am not pretentious,

I am who I am.

I can't be the other girls,
They aren't me.

So while you may be waiting for me to be like them,
I dance to the tune of my drum,


Get away from me,
With your conformity,

I refuse to be another you,
Baby I'm all original me.

They may have the good hair,
Tight bodies and a smile so bright,

But I,
I've got the stars and the sun,
I've got the moon in my life
And dreams burning bright,

So while you focus on a look,
I'm focusing on a being.

Marching to my own drum,


Who are you to lead me I don't want to follow anyone,
My story is my own, I'll write it up and tear it up
To write it  all again.
Don't try to deceive me, telling me who I should be,
I have an everlasting beauty beating in my veins,

So, show a little kindness,
Accept me for who I am
Make no judgement, just try to love the scars and flaws

I'll always be different, there's no similar one,
There's beauty in individuality, not all must conform.

So, let go of your expectations,
I fell short the moment you laid them down,

If you don't understand, just listen to the beating drum,


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