Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Keep this secret away from me,
Hide it deeper and deeper within,
Keep it in the dark,
Do not let it out.

This secret starts to grow,
The darkness it was hidden within, it has now become,
Dark and cold,
This secret starts to grow
On the face, in the eyes, blackening the soul.

There is no more to hide,
The secret wants to be let out.

Hush, my secret, do not start to show.
Be still my secret, we can not let them know.

Slowly, slowly, it begins to consume,
Secrets within,
They have the ability to explode.

Slow, now slow,
I have to let my secret go.

But what do I know about how it's truth shall go?
Letting out a secret this big could kill my hopes,
Threaten my dreams, destroy what I have worked so hard for.

Secret, secret, let me go.
I will hide you just a little while more,
But when I let you out, set you free,
Secret, please,
Let go of me.

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