Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Letter to the Young You

I have often read letters famous people have written to their younger selves and have wondered, why they wrote them? Maybe that young self had so much self doubt, so much uncertainty, so much unknown.

Or maybe that young self had hoped that they would be exactly where they are right now, in this very moment and the older self is writing with gratitude congratulating their younger self for believing beyond what was expected.

I write a lot of letters too, often to God with whom I believe we all have our very own special connection, I write letters to myself in the now, because I recently went through something very traumatic, I had to talk to myself somehow and since the voices were screaming loudly in my head, the pen and paper fit in perfectly.

So, I'm going to search the net far and wide for those famous letters and I'm also going to write out one to my young self and post it up here. There's so much I never knew would be when I was so young and so free, now at 27, I feel, life is about to round off a whole other decade soon, I have two years to close up my twenties in a really good way; I still want to have a huge amazing 30th birthday party, but for now I'm focusing on making 28 and 29 a great foundation for the 30's (three o's).

Yes, I have waffled about in the 20's but maybe that's what my 20's were for, to lead me to this day, here where now all I want is a great base for the rest of the decades ahead. And if I do die young, hey at least I would have known love, life and other things.

Have a great day!

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  1. I've contemplated the idea of writing to my younger self but I haven't a clue as what to say. Still at sea about it.


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