Thursday, 24 October 2013


I once dedicated a poem to you,
Now I see you in a whole other light,
Not that the old you is different, no,
But that this you is another side to you.

Love, you showed me a world unlike any other,
You let me go to the depths of my heart's desire,
You allowed me to sink, emerge, engulf myself in a world unknown,
Love, you allowed me to hurt myself.

You showed me the hurt and pain one could endure,
You taught me lessons, you molded me new,
You re-shaped a heart that I once knew,
Love, you changed me.

Love, this too is dedicated to you,
I am a new woman because of you,
No, it wasn't Love that led me to that road,
Instead, it was Love that pulled me through it all.
The rage that boiled over within,
The hurt that released itself in floods of tears at night,
The pain that revealed itself every moment I was alone,
Love, you carried me through it all.

So Love, as you and I know,
We are nowhere near through,
I have got lots to do and I can think of no other so true, to invite on this journey, than you,
Love, please continue to walk and carry me through.
I am changed for the better, because of you.

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