Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Sky Above the Clouds

It's a beautiful sky, somewhere up there,
Above these heavy clouds,
I can catch glimpses of it every now and then,
Before the clouds draw in again.

I know it's waiting for me to claim it as my own,
But somehow, during the course of the day,
I let these heavy clouds take hold.

The path seems so unclear,
Destructive, painful and lonely,
It's never looked this bad before.

Is it really this bad or have I tainted it by the past?

Oh the past!
The wretched past!
It threatens to take my dreams away,
My heart away, my soul away,
My breath away.
The past threatens to reflect in the road that lies ahead.

I hang my head,
The rain from the clouds above gathers in my eyes,
Streams of pain come to life,
They flow, gently, abruptly, heavily, painfully,
Down my cheeks, down my face, onto my vest,
In my hands on the pillows,
Into my life.
They wash me tired,
Tired to the bone,
I could sleep for a day and still sleep more.
These clouds, I want them gone.

Because, somewhere above them, somewhere I know,
There's better weather waiting for me,
See it's bright and cool, warm and sweet,
I see it when the clouds momentarily stray,
That sky there, above the clouds,
That's where I belong.

That's where my life is whole,
That's where hope grows,
Where dreams come to life,
Where frustrations and pain have no home.

Ah but to be in that beautiful sky,
The sky above the clouds.

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