Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I find You are the sole purpose for what we all do,
What we all endure, persevere,
What we allow to go through, to do,
Who we become, who we are, were, are going to be.

I find there is nothing more painful, more hurtful,
Than letting the people you love hurt you,
The things you love leave you,
Love is painful, when it has to be.

But I also find, there is nothing more uplifting, more fulfilling,
More saving, more reassuring,
Than knowing that LOVE will see you through,
Will get you by,
Will allow you to open your eyes,
Cast the pain, the truth, the lies, the secrets, the tears aside,
Help you move on, re-create, re-start, re-build, re-grow,


The reason for all we do,
All we are,
All we have,
All we want,


This is dedicated to you.

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