Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I Blame Myself, Mostly

See there's so much that I can say,
So much I can take away,
From what we shared, how I cared,
I could hide away from the truth,
Let it all go by, passively unmoved,
Simplify this phase, this case of love gone bad,
But I can never live a lie.

I've learnt to be stronger,
Not to stand for less,
Than I deserve,
To fight a little bit harder everyday.

And maybe you feel like it was you,
Your fault, something about the way you did, you
But no,
I blame myself for everything,
Every wrong turn,
For believing that fairy tales come true,
I blame myself, mostly.

Learning to say what I feel,
To fight for what's real, in me,
For what I want, what I need, what I deserve,
It's not too hard to allow myself to be loved,
By me.

So maybe you felt I was wrong,
I did what was right at the time,
Maybe you felt I lied,
The only lies I told were to myself,
And now I realise,

I deserve the right to choose,
Where I want to be and when,
How to live this life I have,
There is no second chance,
So for every wrong turn,
Every fairytale that I thought existed,
Everytime I looked to others for happiness,
I blame myself, mostly.

Man, you better KNOW!

Yes, you, I'm talking to you.
The way you would talk to a girl like me.
Yes, I'm pretty, there's billions like me,
Yes, my body's nice, you should see some other girls,
Yes, I know I look right,
Sexy, beautiful, fine.

But before you lose your mind,
Man, you better know.

I am not a flower,
You should never try to put me in a corner.
I am not a picture for you and your boys to stare at,
Don't try to test my intelligence.
I am not a one-nighter,
I'm a keeper.
I'm not a gold digger,
I've got more gold in my brain than you could ever have in your wallet.

Man, you better know.

I'm not defined by my friends,
My hair or clothes,
By the car I drive,
The job I have.

I'm not defined by your expectations,
Ancient myths,
I do not and shall not ever bow to every one of your last whims,
Yes, I said it,
You don't own me, never have and yes, never will.

So when you watch a girl like me go by,
This is what you ought to know,
I'm brighter than any spark you've ever seen,
Sharper than any knife's edge,
Smoother than you're best line,
Smarter than the best grade,
Completely out of your league,
Nicer than I seem,
Richer than any bank account,
Able to beat any expectation,
Defy any assumption,
Hold a whole crowds attention,
Live a humble yet noticeable life,
Open up my mouth and speak more truths than you ever imagined,
Shoot you down with my knowledge
And still be as alluring as a light to a moth.

Man, you better know!

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