Friday, 25 March 2011

I can only show you, what is real,
Real to me.

You want an illusion, I am not an illusionist,
You want magic, I have never been a sorceress,
Nor am I the impossible,
The beginning of the future,
The start of something incredible,
An amazing once in a lifetime, happening thing.

I will never walk on water,
Fly to the moon or build castles in the air,
I can never fly without a craft,
Soar without a tide
Or touch the sky without a dream.

You wanted perfection, I am far from that.

You wanted the moon, I've never touched the stars..

You wanted the sun, all I have are it's rays,

You want the world, I only have mine,

My world,
Imperfect, imbalanced, inconclusive.

For all I have, have to give,
Is the me of today, me now, me here,
In th present, here and now.
You wanted to see me,
To hear my truth,
To get closer to me,
To feel me,

Well, this is me,
And if you ask,
There's plenty more to come
and maybe, just maybe,
That is the magic of of it all.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


There are numerous possibilities in this life,
Some are positive, others negative.
I stared at the child sitting by the road,
Too young to care, too young to understand,
But old enough to know, this is her life,
Begging on the streets.

I thought of the many possibilities, her life could turn out to be.
A woman in the future, fully educated,
Briefcase loaded, high heels clacking,
Power and authority ringing in her stature.

A victimized woman, abused and used,
Stripped and shamed, left feeling bare.
Tears down her cheeks, pain in her heart,
A woman lost, what is her cause?

A socialite woman, glitterati and all,
Holding her head high as another lover falls,
Striding in her Gucci, drenched in Armani,
An always manicured hand and always painted on face,
"Gold digger!" they yell,
She turns and smiles, blows them a kiss,
Never once would she have dreamed, her life would be like this!

A mother of four, stretched beyond her core,
Hair flying in all directions, life in semi-balance,
A loving husband, adoring children,
A smile in her soul when she goes to bed.

I looked at the little girl,
I thought of her unknown worlds
And as the traffic light went green,
I left all her possibilities behind,
And knew her as that girl i saw by the roadside.


Let's make a pact, to all those Facebook "friends",
Why put anyone on limited profile when you accept them as a "friend"?

It's simple really, just click "Ignore",
That way, they won't ever have to know!

No notifications, no "Damn, you got played!"
Flashing across the screen!

Just say "NO" and it's over yo!

So, if you want to IGNORE, but choose to ACCEPT,
Then whip out your blockades and deem them "unfit",
Not a real "friend", not "friend" enough to view your whole page,
Do yourself a favour,
That's the best pact, the FACEBOOK PACT!

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