Monday, 18 January 2016


I put your picture in a box of glass,
Watched it as it fell and smashed,
I wrote these words upon my heart,
I'm not fighting it anymore.

You must have hurt when it all crashed,
Fell apart and hit the end before it played....
You must remember my name, my face,
But I'm,
Letting go of it all today.

I put my shoes on and ran out the door,
I felt that wind against my face, it's not cold anymore,
The clouds they seem to have lifted,
The sun is finally shinning and I'm,
Not running anymore.

I get so crazy when those thoughts come in my head,
I get so lost when I think of you instead,
I'm trying, doing it so well
Yeah I'm not running against the time.

Yeah I'm healing with the breeze,
Yeah, I stopped running against the time.

I put your picture on the palm of my hand.
I watched as the wind blew it away.
The pain I feel no longer wears me down,
Stopped running against the time.
I'm not running anymore.

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