Saturday, 28 January 2012


Looking through these past years,
Past successes, failures,
One thing comes to mind,
Why do we always search outside ourselves,
For our Hero?

Someone we have either never met
Or have met but can't get close enough to,
To save us from our situations,

Yet, deep inside,
That Hero, is there,
Sitting quietly,waiting
To be summoned, acknowledged, trusted
With this task we would rather hand over to a stranger,
An idealised Hero.

You are your own Hero.
I am my own Hero.

And imagine, the possibilities we all have,
Realising the Hero that lives within,
If we all just rescued ourselves,
Imagine how,
We can rescue those that have lost trust and faith
In their inner Hero.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Measure of a Woman

What is the measure of a woman?
In your opinion, what is it, as a woman?

Is it the right decisions,
The correct choices,
The wins up against the losses?

Is it your achievements,
Your success stories,
Who your children will turn out to be, if you have any?

Is it in the number of your conquest,
Their bank balances,
What you took from them,
What you gave them?

Is it in the boardroom,
Late night conferences,
New deals won,
Salary increases?

Is it in your family,
Your mother's smile,
Your father's eyes,
Your sisters and brothers?

Is it in your relationship,
Your boyfriend's pride,
Your husband's praise
Your lover's touch?

Is it in age old myth,
What a woman should be,
How a woman can be,
The sparkle of your kitchen,
The tidiness of your home
The pristine lines on your husband's collar
The accuracy of your daughter's ponytail,
The cleanliness of your son's uniform?

What is it,
To you,
The woman of today,
Living in so much possibility
Taking the lead or following the crowd?

The measure of a woman,
What is it to you?

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