Sunday, 22 December 2013

The stars, they shine for you

Hey my love,
See how the stars shine tonight,
So bright and pretty my love,
Just like you.

The stars they shine,
So bright tonight,
Just for you,
My love.

See how the stars shine,
Watch your face light up,
Your smile so big and bright,
You shine from inside,
My love,
The stars and you.

See love,
There in your eyes,
Bright as the stars,
That love lights up inside of you,
I see it now,
All around,

Hey love, see how bright you  shine,
See how the stars light up in your eyes,
See how you shine so bright, tonight,
Just for you.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

A new me

It's funny what happens when life happens,
It stretches you out for your own eyes,
Not the ones on your face, no,
The ones in your heart and soul.
It's like an explanation of you,
Through feelings, images, things,
Just you, bare, you.
This changes you, when you have no choice,
But to look closely with eyes of your heart.
You'll find things you don't like,
Things you love,
Things you're not sure of,
Things you never knew were there,
But it's all you.
Self made, self inflicted, self accepted,
Self imposed.
No one put them there, you allowed them to grow and be.
So you have a choice, gather them all up and go,
As before knowing all shall be as it were,
Or discard what you dislike,
Change what you like to what you love
And go on knowing you are new,
Better, improved.
I fancy a new me,
Because the old me can not continue,
That me was necessary for those lessons,
This me is ready for the new lessons,
This me is wiser, better, but still learning,
This me is all in for me, not him, or them,
Just me.
This me, came out of the lessons,
A new me, means new adventures
And the old me, never liked adventures much,
New me embraces them.

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