Friday, 1 November 2013

For Us

For those of us that dream,
Let's stand together and push-
For our dreams to come true,
Our hurdles to be springboards,
Our hopes to see reality.

For those of us that do,
Let's stand up and believe-
That whatever is impossible is possible with us,
For all that we ever imagined to realise itself in our hands, sweat, strengths,
For ourselves, for we are all we have to see us through.

For those of us that live
Let's realise-
That all these tears aren't in vain,
That all the hurt isn't for nothing,
That it all gets us nearer our goal, our dream, our destiny.

For those of us that walk a road with very few breaks in this life.
Let's smile-
We are being moulded, sharpened, improved, growing,
We are getting closer,
We are realising our weaknesses and using our strengths to make them better,
We are coming up that long long road.

For those of us with hope, faith, love and understanding,
Know this-
The day will come when our waiting has paid off,
When our hope has brought us what we had faith in,
When our faith has birthed the deepest love we could ever feel,
When love has helped us understand our journey,
When understanding brings us complete peace.

For those of us that are lost,
Believe me when I tell you,
You are not alone, you are not lost,
You are on a journey that has unfamiliar places,
Cold, rain, hurt and pain,
But I promise you, it gets better,
Even when the darkest cloud rolls in,
You are a survivor, you can make it,
You will.

And for those of us that are all in playing field,
Getting hit down or making a touch down,
Let's stand together,
In strength and faith,
Let's do this for eachother,
For those before, those now and those after,
Let's stand.

Magnificent Me.

Show me how to fight for now, show me how to fight for me.

I believe I am capable of so much more, I believe I have been oppressed enough.

Show me how to fight, show me how to win.

I believe I am, all the things I close my eyes and see,
All my dreams, all my hopes, my pure desires,
I am, I am, I am.

Show me how to be me, show me how to be me magnificently.

There are no words to describe me,
I am not easily definable.
They've tried to put labels on me,
They can't, they failed.

Show me how to live like I am the sun, the moon, the stars,
Show me how to live as the me my Creator created me to be.

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