Saturday, 2 February 2013


Some things never change,
They just stay the same,
Time and time again.

Say you've changed,
Life's taught you some lessons
And you're better for it,
A better friend, better person,
A better man.

But why do I feel nothing's changed?
You can give me the words, but words are all the same,
And you're actions tell me what I know.

What I know,
A liar will always have lies to tell,
A player will always be playing some game
And if they seem to have changed,
It's because,
They're lying and playing with someone new.

That's just what they do,
Say they've changed,
But it's nothing new.

You say, you miss my friendship,
We were as close as sisters then things changed,
Believing those lies behind my back,
Pushing me off to hang with real friends.

Girl, now all you want from me is opportunity,
Support me please and help me,
But when I fall and look up,
When I need a hand, when I need my friend
You're never anywhere close.

Yes, somethings will never change,
Liars will always lie,
Players just love the game
Fake friends love to take then leave.

That's what I know,
That's what I know,
Some things will never change.

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